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Frequently asked questions.
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    First two lessons
    We welcome new members of all ages and abilities. The club currently has members with ages ranging from 5 to somewhere in their 60s! The first two lessons are free.
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    Training fees
    Training fees are paid on a pay as you go basis. Each session is £4 per child / £5 per adult. Sibling and family discounts are available - please discuss with one of the instructors. All members need to hold a license. This covers insurance and governing body affiliation fees, and is organised by the club. £20 Annual Fee.
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    No equipment is need to try out karate - just come along to one of our sessions in loose clothing, with no jewellery, zips or buttons. If you decide to join, you will need a Karate Gi, and protective equipment. CKJK can supply these at discounted rates.
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    Am I fit enough ?
    If you are keen to try Karate but concerned about your level of fitness then please come and discuss with one of our Instructors. Karate is both a physical and mental discipline but generally anyone who is in good health will benefit. Beginners are introduced gradually and in most cases we can make provision for anyone who has injuries or limitations.
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